Helpe, Inc., is a transportation safety firm with special emphasis on understanding the needs of the trucking industry. Helpe, Inc., was established to serve the trucking industry and to contribute to improvements in highway safety, as well as providing quality driver recruiting and screening services for our clients.

Out sourcing is a cost effective tool being used by many companies in a wide range of industries. Perhaps you have not thought that out sourcing could work for you. Many companies with whom we work held the same beliefs but now are die-hard converts to the many advantages of out sourcing with Helpe Inc.


•No additions to expensive in-house staffing.
•Flat fee for ease of budgeting.
•Access to professional safety and recruiting staff.
•Professional advertising preparation to insure maximum response.
•Centralized ad placement service.
•Management reports on advertising effectiveness to maximize results for money spent.
•Unlimited access to one of the nation’s recruitment advertising firms.
•Unlimited access to our professional safety management staff.


Unlike other firms who may offer to recruit for a fee per driver hired, we provide you with one monthly fee, regardless of how many drivers you hire through Helpe, Inc.

Our unique one fee pricing insures you that we will not lower our high standards of driver screening to generate a fee. Each applicant is put through an extensive selection process and reviewed by our safety professionals to make certain that you are only being provided with safe and competent drivers.


We will assist you in preparing quality hiring standards or adopt your own. We will work with you to develop a solid understanding of your pay and benefits programs, areas of operation and overall operational policies.

With our wide range of customers and industry knowledge we will be able to determine what qualities your company offers that make it unique, so that we may better sell your prospective drivers on the advantages of working with you.

We will develop at no cost to you a driver mailer package for use in mailing information about your company to drivers who apply for employment.

We provide an 800 number to be used in your advertising which will direct the calls into our central recruiting office to be handled by one of our professionals. This leaves you and your personnel free to concentrate on running your business.

We will work with you and our recruitment advertising agency to prepare advertisements that will generate the calls you need to insure an adequate flow of applicants. All in-column and display ads are developed for your approval free of charge.

When you direct us to, we will handle the placement of your ads in the media you select. Of course our association with our recruitment ad agency will provide you with professional ads and media recommendations.

When a call is received our professional recruiters will determine if the applicant meets your minimum standards. Once the initial determination is made, we will take a telephone application to speed processing. Additionally, we will mail each applicant your driver recruitment and information mailer.

All applications will be logged into our central data base for proper processing and follow-up. All applicants will be tracked in our recruitment data base so that we may provide you with management reports on advertising effectiveness, cost of hire, cost of response and other information to insure that ad dollars are being spent wisely.

Once an application is taken, we will check all driver references for the past three years (or more if you desire) to determine the quality of the drivers prior work experience. We will order a Motor Vehicle Report to be sure the driver meets your requirements. Once the applicant has been processed, we will contact you to advise that a driver has been approved for possible hire. The final decision to hire will be yours to make.

Depending on your needs, we will, if you desire, assist in making arrangements to get the driver to your facility for orientation and final hiring.

Included in our fee is unlimited access to both our staff and the staff at our ad agency for advice on recruiting strategies or safety related issues. Of course, if you desire, we will work with your agency of choice should you have one.

Included in our recruiting services we will provide you with assistance designed to help you solve the almost never ending problem of driver recruitment, hiring and retention. Helpe Inc. has extensive experience in the use of today’s marketing and recruiting tools including: print, radio, TV, billboards, job fairs and referral incentive programs.

Working hand in hand with our SAFESIDE Software program we can monitor and evaluate the performance of your present recruiting methods if you choose to maintain an in-house source for some of your recruiting efforts. Having worked with some of the country’s largest trucking companies, vocational schools and colleges, we have amassed a tremendous wealth of knowledge in the recruiting and training of drivers. We can provide you with a continual flow of quality drivers.


SAFETY SYSTEMS: With over twenty-five years of experience in the transportation industry we have a vast understanding of driver and transportation safety. In using our safety systems consulting service, we will conduct a complete analysis of your present safety program, concentrating on such areas as DOT compliance, accident analysis, as well as preventive measures. Based on our findings, we will develop a plan to strengthen or replace your existing program and reduce accident involvement and costs.

SAFESIDE SOFTWARE: To support your safety and accident prevention activities we use our proprietary safety management software SAFESIDE. The system provides complete accident tracking and analysis, profiles trends and statistics and compiles driver management information. SAFESIDE provides you with data on accidents, worker’s compensation, accident prediction tools, claims, turnover and more.

SAFETY PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Helpe, Inc. is the originator of the safety program management plan that manages the entire fleet safety process for small to mid sized fleets. Covering all areas from hiring, to driver selection, accident reductions, DOT compliance, log auditing, safety meeting presentations and more. This program is ideal for those fleets that have safety concerns, but limited manpower and budgets. Out sourcing the safety program has proven successful for many fleets.

FUEL EFFICIENCY AND MANAGEMENT: The reduction of fleet wide fuel costs is crucial to increased profits. Helpe, Inc., can implement programs designed to increase your fuel mileage, while showing you how to maximize your purchasing power with various truckstops.

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