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SAFESIDE SOFTWARE is a safety and employee management system. SAFESIDE automates the control and analysis of employee and fleet performance. The program operation is simple and requires little training.

SAFESIDE is designed for the transportation industry and those who have vehicles and drivers. The system tracks driver and fleet activity in the events file. Routine events are items like driver’s license and physical expirations.

Occurrences tracked include, but are not limited to tickets, accidents, cargo claims, worker’s comp claims, company violations and much more. The tracked items are linked to each driver and can easily be reviewed either manually or by using the various exception reports. The exception reports allow you to easily identify those drivers that are in need of remedial training, review or disiplinary action.

Employee exception reporting is based on previously defined limits on the number and type of events an individual can accumulate on their record, and eliminates the time consuming task of thumbing through files attempting to find high risk drivers, and eliminates the possibility that a driver with a poor record will escape detection. Exception reporting is discussed in more detail under Management Reports in this brochure.

SAFESIDE is written in File Pro Plus programming language making it usable on a wide range of computer systems. Data entry is accomplished through the use of multiple menu screens to allow for addition, deletion and modification of entries.


The employee master screen captures driver personal and driving related data. Information captured includes name, address, phone numbers, EEO information, license and physical information and other pertinent information.

Input for the capturing of driver related events, like tickets and accidents is accomplished through the event screen. The event screen allow for preparation of detailed analytical reports covering items like accidents, worker’s comp claims, the accident register, turnover reports and other useful management reports.

Your accident register is completed automatically by simply clicking on the appropriate report menu bar. Within seconds, an up to date accident register that complies with DOT regulations is available for printing.

The accident potential index uses proven accident predictors to assess and identify high risk drivers. The analysis rates each driver and measures their potential for future accident involvement, making identification of those drivers who may need training or disciplinary action effortless.

SAFESIDE gives you the ability to determine you Motor Carrier Profile score now called SAFESTAT which is used by the DOT to determine whom they will be auditing. Our SAFESTAT module enables you to accurately predict the likelihood of being audited by the Office of Motor Carriers.

With advanced notification of your probability of being audited you can better focus on areas in which you may be deficient.

We have developed a unique safety rating program that enables you to assess your DOT compliance efforts and accurately predict their impact on your Safety rating score as a result of a DOT Motor Carrier compliance review. Our program has been tested at numerous audits and has been found to be an accurate predicator of your safety rating score, achieving a 100% accurate prediction of a carriers safety rating.

This program is designed to be used in our mock audits to access weakness and judge their impact on your safety rating to enable you to correct deficiencies prior to an actual DOT audit.

For those fleets who need access to data and require an expert analysis of what that data is telling them, we offer a service bureau in which your driver data is entered by our staff, reports generated and detailed professional analysis of trends and items requiring attention are identified.

We will provide you with not only our expert interpretation of the data and its trends, but offer specific suggestions and recommendations and plans of action to improve the identified tends and problems. For those utilizing the Safety Program Management Plan, this service is included in your one low monthly maintenance fee.

We have developed an accurate assessment program to enable you to accurately determine what your turnover is really costing your company. This unique programs factors in your actual costs and turnover rates to come up with your specific cost of turnover per driver and per year.

This program when used in conjunction with our turnover analysis program enables you to keep all personnel focuses on the needs to reduce turnover in dollars and cents.

Using data from your events input you can run a series of worker compensation analysis reports providing you with a detailed look at your compensation claims. The analysis will be broken down by length of employment, injury type, job class of injured employee, terminal and age of employee.


ACCIDENT ANALYSIS: This report provides a detailed analysis of accident related data. Analysis is done by driver age, employment length, job class, highway type, time of day, weather, and by accident type. The time period for the analysis is user defined. Locations are sub totaled by terminal to allow for comparison of individual operating units. Accident totals and percentages are shown allowing for ease of trend identification The use of the analysis program enables you to concentrate accident prevention efforts on your most frequent types of accidents.

ACCIDENT RECAP AND ACCIDENT LIST: These two reports detail each accident during the user defined time period. The report serves to provide a quick recap of accidents by fleet. The accident list shows all accidents grouped by all drivers, active and inactive for ease of providing reference checks or quick identification of high risk accident repeat drivers.

ACCIDENT SUMMARY: The accident summary report is a monthly summation of your accidents. This report is a condensed management report to keep you informed on developing accident trends.

ACCIDENT FREQUENCY: The accident frequency report calculates your fleet accident frequency rate per million miles of travel.

ACCIDENTS BY SCHOOL: Fleets using driving school graduates can track each driving school accident involvement to allow them to select drivers from the better driving schools. This report allows you to make objective decisions about which schools to recruit from in the future.

CARGO CLAIMS EXCEPTION: The cargo claims exception report provides driver exceptions as described in the ticket and accident exception report. When a driver exceeds a pre-determined level for cargo claim involvement their record will be brought to your attention.

MAINTENANCE EXCEPTION: The maintenance exception report provides driver exceptions when a driver exceeds predetermined levels of possible equipment abuse. As with the other exception reports this report allows for quick, easy and timely reviews of those drivers who may be unnecessarily increasing your maintenance costs.

SPEED/LOG/COMPANY VIOLATION EXCEPTION REPORTING: This series of management exception reports is similar to the ticket and accident exemption report described previously. Exception reporting is for drivers who exceed pre-set limits for the company speed policy, log and hours of service violations, and general company policy violations. Use of these driver exception reports eliminates the time required to manually review each drivers record. An additional benefit of the exception reports is the fact that driver records requiring attention are automatically selected, eliminating surprises from missed reviews in these critical areas.

This is a most useful management report that provides early and easy detection of those drivers who have fallen to or below your minimum hiring standards. The report shows those drivers whose events (tickets and accidents) exceed a pre-determined level with an accident probability range. Proven accident predictors are used for identification of high risk drivers.

TURNOVER ANALYSIS: The turnover analysis report tracks all driver turnover by location. The report provides you with a review of terminations and resignations by reason, turnover by driver type, by length of employment and turnover by driver age. Armed with this detailed analysis of your turnover, corrections can be made in policies and procedures that may be leading to your driver turnover.

TURNOVER SUMMARY: The turnover summary report provides you with a detailed analysis of how many drivers have left your employment at each location and provides you with an accurate year to date, projected yearly turnover rate as a percent. The report allows for turnover review by location.


ACCIDENT REVIEW: The accident review report generates a list of drivers involved in preventable accidents for the time period you select. The report is then used to send accident review letters to the drivers that include information on how to prevent similar accidents in the future.

ANNIVERSARY LETTERS: The anniversary letters reports generate a listing of drivers having completed 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of service with your company. This program of mailing letters during the first year employment provides recognition of the drivers service accomplishments. Further goodwill is generated to the driver and his family. The letters show that the company is aware of the drivers existence and appreciative of their efforts on behalf of the company.

EXIT INTERVIEWS: Human resource professionals place much emphasis on exit interviews. Safeside’s exit interview program assures that all employee’s that leave your employment will be reached by an exit interview. The program generates a report on all terminations and resignations for the time period requested.

LICENSE EXPIRATION: Similar to the physical expiration report the license expiration report will track and report which drivers licenses are coming due for renewal.

PHYSICAL EXPIRATION: All driver physical expirations are tracked and printed on a user defined physical expiration report that enables timely updates on driver physicals.

PROSPECT LETTERS: This report provides for solicitation of former employee’s you believe you may want back with your company. Former employee’s receive letters 6 months and 12 months following their separation from your company.

SafeStat™ Prediction Program

SafeStat is the program used by the Office of Motor Carriers and Highway Safety to evaluate motor carriers and to determine those carriers that will be scheduled for an on-site audit.

SafeStat evaluates you in four major categories called Safety Evaluation Areas. Each Safety Evaluation Area is determined by one or more indicators.

As a motor carrier you will be evaluated and compared to other motor carriers based on your Accident involvement indicator, your driver out of service rate, your vehicle out of service rate and your safety management score.

Once a score is established you will be assigned to an audit list that range from the "A" list (most likely to be audited first), the "B" list (likely to be audited after those on the "a" list) or the "C" list (least likely to be audited).

The government has chosen not to advise carriers of their SafeStat scores making the announcement of an audit at your facility an unexpected and in most cases an unwanted event.

In spite of the confidential matter in which your SafeStat score is handled we have developed an accurate tool that predict the likelihood of your being audited by the Office of Motor Carriers and Highway Safety.

Our SafeStat projection program will provide you with your SafeStat projection score and indicate the list you will appear on for audit purposes.

With our expertise we can assist you in identifying the areas most likely to come under scrutiny, and the drivers most likely to be selected for closer auditing.

Additionally, we can provide the expertise to correct the problems that have resulted in your being placed on the audit list which when corrected should result in your receiving a satisfactory rating. Of course, we will be present to assist you during your audit.

DOT Safety-rater:
Helpe Inc. has developed a state of the art DOT Safety-rater program that will accurately predict what violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation have occurred within your organization.

This software will accurately provide you with your individual factor ratings in each of the six audited factors. The software will then provide you with an accurate safety rating that will equal that to be granted to you by the government.

Upon completion of our mock DOT audit, we will provide you with the expertise to improve your safety program to insure that you will receive a satisfactory safety rating in the event of an actual DOT audit.

SafeStat™ Audit Request

SafeStat is a system designed to incorporate your current on-road safety performance information and enforcement history combined with your on-site compliance review information. The SafeStat system is designed to provide the Office of Motor Carriers with the capability to continuously quantify and monitor your safety performance relative to other motor carriers.

SafeStat allows your performance in four areas to be compared to all other motor carriers. If your status is worse than most your chances of being audited by the Office of Motor Carriers increases.

The 4 Permanence Areas Are As Follows:

ACCIDENT DATA: All states provide the Federal Highway Administration with data regarding recordable commercial vehicle accidents. Your accident score is compared to all other motor carriers, if you are in the top 75 percentile (75% of the carriers have a lower accident frequency) you will receive an accident score within SafeStat.

DRIVER DATA: All states provide the Federal Highway Administration with data regarding driver inspections with Out of Service violations tied to your DOT number. Your data is then compared with all other Motor Carriers in the country and your company is given a score. If your score is above the 75th percentile you will receive a driver out-of-service score within Safestat.

ROADSIDE INSPECTIONS: When a vehicle and or driver is inspected and placed out of service the out-of-service notification is tied to your motor carrier number (ICC or DOT number) and recorded in the Office of Motor Carriers computer. If your vehicle and or driver out-of-service rates are worse above the top 75 percentile of all motor carriers you will recive a SafeStat score.

COMPLIANCE REVIEWS: The Office of Motor Carriers and State personnel conduct on-site compliance audits. During these audits documents such as those maintained in driver qualification files, record of duty status (logs) and vehicle maintenance are reviewed for compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. SafeStat uses violations of critical and acute regulations as well as additional information obtained during on-site reviews to establish your Safety management scores for SafeStat.

After accumulating your score, you are compared to other Motor Carriers. A score of between 300 and 500 places you on the "A" list (most likely to be audited). A score of between 225 and 300 places you on the "B" list (likely to be audited following all "A" list audits are complete). A score of less than 225 results in your being placed on the "C" list (least likely to be audited).

We have developed a system of estimating your SafeStat score and likelihood of your audited by the Office of Motor Carriers.

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